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Bass Mafia Money Bag

Bass Mafia

  • $7.99

The Bass Mafia Money Bag is the ultimate way to store your soft-plastics. Two years into development from the Bass Mafia pro team, the Money Bag keeps your soft-plastics safe from the elements keeping more money in your wallet and less headaches from zip-loc storage Bags. The money bag is made of a  heavy duty vinyl ,that cant be ripped or pulled apart. The locking system with zipper keeps stays closed and keeps water out! Bass Mafia products are developed by tournament fisherman who spend 300 days a year on the water.

The 5N1 is a unique money bag that has 5 individual slots! Great for storing hooks, weights, spinnerbaits, jigs, or whaever you wanted! Seperated individually in one money bag!

Now Available in 4 Different Sizes!

Original -13X16

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