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Strike King KVD 1.5DD Squarebill Crankbait

Strike King

  • $7.99

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Brand New from Strike King Lure Company! The KVD 1.5DD Squarebill is a deeper diving version of the 1.5 Squarebill that fisherman across the country have all enjoyed success using! Now get down to deeper depths and get the same great action that the shallow diving 1.5 squarebill has to offer. The same body size as the original, now had an extended squarebill lip to get to depths up to 9ft! Internally an added single rattle chamber gives this bait a knocking sound that many anglers have desired! The rattle also acts as an internal casting chamber that slides to the front of the bait as you cast! The 1.5DD Casts like a bullet! Great for spring, summer, fall, and winter! Now you can target bass in every water column with a 1.5 sized bait!

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