Quantum S3 Smoke Casting Reels


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The New Quantum Smoke S3 Casting Reels is packed full of performance and smoothness in a low profile design. Tuned for perfection, the Quantum Smoke S3 Casting Reels feature double-shielded stainless steel bearings that have been carefully lubricated with Quantum’s PT Hot Sauce for superior protection and unmatched smoothness.

An oversized spool and the new ACS 4.0 control system, the Quantum Smoke S3 Casting Reels offers a near infinite amount of adjustment, creating user friendly control and supreme casting distance.  Delivering exceptional strength and lightweight design, the Quantum Smoke S3 Casting Reels feature an aluminum X-frame design that decreases weight, while limiting flex in the frame. Ensuring that you always know what size line you have spooled-up, the Quantum Smoke S3 Casting Reels feature a line memo knob on the side of the 95mm handle, taking the guess work out of spooling. Jam-packed with performance-driven features, the Quantum Smoke S3 Casting Reels offer advanced design that all anglers can appreciate, from the touring professional to the weekend warrior. 

Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.)
SM100HPT.BX2 Right 7.3:1 6.9 (2PTS+3PTAC+5PTBB)+1RB 14/150
SM100PPT.BX2 Right 5.1:1 6.9 (2PTS+3PTAC+5PTBB)+1RB 14/150
SM100SPT.BX2 Right 6.1:1 6.9 (2PTS+3PTAC+5PTBB)+1RB 14/150
SM100XPT.BX2 Right 8.1:1 6.9 (2PTS+3PTAC+5PTBB)+1RB 14/150
SM101HPT.BX2 Left 7.3:1 6.9 (2PTS+3PTAC+5PTBB)+1RB 14/150
SM101SPT.BX2 Left 6.1:1 6.9 (2PTS+3PTAC+5PTBB)+1RB 14/150
SM101XPT.BX2 Left 8.1:1 6.9 (2PTS+3PTAC+5PTBB)+1RB 14/150

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