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Bass Mafia "Double Barrel JB-Hard

Bass Mafia "Double Barrel JB

Bass Mafia

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We all know how much your top-shelf topwater baits and jerkbaits cost. Especially once you put your favorite custom paint job on them. That is what the Bass Mafia “Double Barrel” Coffin was designed for. Store your baits verticaly, in their own protective chamber. Easy acess in and out. Tough as nails and a water proof seal keeps up-to 20 jerkbaits/topwater baits securely stored and ready for action. Perfect for a number of topwater lures as well, the Bass Mafia “Double Barrel” Jerkbait Coffin is built with an extreme focus on durability. Waterproof and crushproof, the Bass Mafia “Double Barrel” Jerkbait Coffin is built to handle the rigors of tournament anglers and fitted with four heavy-duty latches that keep everything closed and secure. 

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