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603bass is a YouTube fishing channel owned by Sean, a life-long angler and resident of New Hampshire. Fishing a variety of waters from the small backwoods kettle ponds of southern NH, up to the deep, clear water glacial lakes such as Lake Winnipesaukee. Sean continues to focus on learning as much as he can, aiming to be a well-rounded angler, capable of catching bass in all types of water bodies and at all times of the year. His YouTube channel has that same focus, while blending entertainment in with education, aiming to teach new & experienced anglers what he can through demonstrating & discussing the how & why behind his fishing methods and decision making.

Gamakatsu Drop Shot Split Hook 1/0 $ 3.99
vmc spinshot dropshot 1/0 $ 4.99
weights 1/8-5/8 $ 8.99
Jackall Crosstail Shad 4" $ 4.99
Roboworms 6" strait tail worm $ 4.99
Keitech Swing impact $ 5.99
Reaction Innovation Flirt Worm $ 5.49


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